Personal Training

I'm passionate about helping you believe in your potential, discover breakthroughs, and ignite your inner courage.

Changing your world with one enlightening conversation at a time, keeping it fun but also getting your results done!
Sculpting how you choose to look by keeping the spirit of Michelangelo alive, whilst getting you healthy along the way!

Originally from the UK was where my personal training story started. Australia was always of interest and in late 2011 I found myself as a PT at Bondi Fitness First. Here, I built my business up in 3 short months reaching 52 sessions a week for many of my years.
I do owe a thank you to Fitness First because they have given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people along the way. I’ve always wanted to help others and for some reason – which I am very grateful for – each day, people seem to connect with me in search for guidance both mentally and physically.

Awesome words from my clients

Once again I'm extremely excited you have found me!

I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for the last 20 years, and in that time it’s become apparent to me that health is so much more important than just being fit and looking good. Don’t get me wrong those things are a bonus, but have you ever tried to run uphill when you’re feeling sick?
How far do you think you will get?

My point is, if your cells are not healthy, you are not healthy.

This is why I have had a more holistic approach to helping my clients be the best version of themselves from the inside out. Because of this I have also partnered with an amazing Japanese company that produces energised, ionised, fresh, clean drinking water!
They have been established for 50 years, and are used in Japanese hospitals to this day!
How good is that?
This company also leverages an epic, online, automated, educational platform that digs deep into finding out your why and what your purpose is. The community involved on here are some of the most epic humans I’ve personally had the pleasure of meeting.

It’s the whole package baby!!!