Kangen Water®
Change your water, change your life.

Kangen means "return to origin" in Japanese. Kangen Water® is alkaline water produced by Enagic's alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines.

For more than 40 years, Kangen Water® has been used in Japan to help restore the body to its original, alkaline state. These machines can transform your ordinary tap water into healthy, fresh tasting alkaline drinking water. Kangen Water® is superior to tap and purified water. 

Why choose Kangen Water®

Hydrogen Rich

Water that is Hydrogen rich has a high concentration of Molecular Hydrogen (H2). Molecular Hydrogen acts as an efficient antioxidant that diffuses rapidly across cell membranes and can reduce free radicals, suppressing oxidative stress.

Through the process of electrolysis, your tap water becomes Hydrogen rich Kangen Water®. 


Oxidation reactions in the body can produce free radicals, while antioxidants terminate these reactions. Elevated rates of oxidants and insufficient antioxidants in the body cause oxidative stress.  A constant supply of external sources of antioxidants should be part of one‘s daily diet, to reduce oxidative stress and related damage. This is why everyone should not only care about the quantity of the water we drink, but also about the quality. Both are essential for our wellbeing. 


As with most things in life, optimal health begins with balance. Our bodies must maintain a pH balance of 7.365, which is slightly alkaline. A pH scale is used to determine whether a substance is acidic or alkaline. On this scale 7.0 is neutral. Anything above 7 is considered alkaline and anything below 7 is considered acidic. 

Negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential)

Hydrogen rich water is characterised by exhibiting a negative ORP. A high ORP value (in positive numbers), indicates that a substance has a higher oxidising potential. In generalised terms, for humans a positive or high ORP is better for the outside of the body (cleaning and sanitising).
A low ORP value (in negative numbers) indicates that a substance has a higher antioxidising potential, and is preferred for oral consumption.
Just like pH, ORP values are an important measurement for determining the quality of water. 

What people are saying about Kangen Water®

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How Kangen Water®​ has changed my Life.​

It took me a good few months until I purchased the machine myself. I’ve been on the water for now nearly 5 years and I most certainly have noticed the difference.

After two weeks of use, my energy levels had increased rapidly. As you can imagine, going too crazy in the gym at one point in my life with excessive training, my joints were not loving me, especially my shoulders.
I had tried everything from acupuncture and cupping to massages and physio but nothing seemed to do the trick. Nothing would get rid of the pain. It got to a point I couldn’t even use the benchpress past 60kg, which wasn’t much compared to what I was used to. It pained me physically and mentally to know instead of seeing progress I was seeing a downturn.

It was one of my favourite exercises – as you can imagine – and here I was, having to take time off. I traded the bench press for drinking this water for around 9 months.

During this time, I noticed a decrease in my body fat, my sleep was improving and my gut health was amazing. Before the water, my skin also had a bad discolouration to it that led to a fungal infection. The antibiotics the doctor prescribed failed to solve the problem. But guess what, the water did.

The most rewarding part about this whole journey has been being able to have bought my brother’s family a machine. There was nothing more important to me than ensuring his little girls were able to reap the benefits of healthy water from as young an age as possible. After two weeks of use, my sister-in-law noticed her acne had essentially disappeared and her nails and hair saw improvement as well.

Just imagine having a health issue, that for some reason or other, you can’t seem to find the cause or solution for. We’ve all been there – despite having tried everything under the sun. Maybe the answer was right under our noses the whole time. It seems so simple, yet, we seem to neglect it all too often. Water is literally the essence of life. Why aren’t we looking for the best source available to us?